Pest Control Bali

Pest Terminator Bali was established since 2007

The mission statement of our company is to provide the best quality services to our domestic customers within Bali island.  We control and manage pests such as cockroaches, rodents, common ants, termites, mosquitoes, bee hives, hornets, cat fleas, bed bugs even wood investigate the forum borers and stored product pests and will be able to introduce a computerized platform which serves as a quality management system that allows for timely feedback and ensures that no area is left unnoticed.

Pest Terminator is operational 24 Hours

We believe that our services can be transformed to encourage transparency and a fresh new look towards the term professionalism in the pest management industry. We always seek to render effective pest management solutions We strongly advocated the use of as little chemical as possible therefore there is a continuous search for new products and methods to ensure this goal is achieved.

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Office phone : 081236136666