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Pest Terminator Bali was established since 2011 ,  The mission statement of our company is to provide the best quality services to our domestic customers within Bali island. We control and manage pests such as cockroaches, rodents, common ants, termites, mosquitoes, bee hives, hornets,cat fleas, bed bugs even wood borers and stored product pests and will be able to introduce a computerized platform which serves as a quality management system that allows for timely feedback and ensures that no area is left unnoticed.

Mosquitoes Green

A much better and eco-friendly alternative to fogging is Mist Blowing Essentially,mist blowing is the dispensing of a thin mist of environmentally friendly chemicals across a large space and the tiny droplets of chemicals adhere very well to vegetation. Another plus point to the chemical that is used is that it is very hardy, and will not break down easily in extreme weather conditions.

Termite Detector

The termatrac t3i is the latest and advance technology in the world in termite detection. The three critical technologies are crucial in termite detection as we know that subterranean termite require lots of moisture to survive. When clustered together they can generate heat and also move around in a fast speed to bring their food source back to the nest.

Bedbugs Extermination

Using a bed bug steamer to kill bed bugs and get rid of bed bugs in your home is environmentally safe and highly effective. Bed bugs cannot tolerate heat above 120 degrees, and a bed bug steamer will kill bed bugs on contact. Even better, steam can penetrate into hard to reach areas and through the cloth wrappers of mattresses and box springs to kill bed bugs hiding inside as well.

Integrated Pest Management System

For All Type Of Recidential, Industrial & Commercial Buildings.



Meet the best team in the pest control business. Let the award-winning Pest Terminator  team take care of you – from your first contact to problem solved.
Hendra Setiawan
Hendra Setiawan

Pest Supervisor

Creative, detail-oriented, always focused.


Customer Care

Curious, tech-geeck and gets serious when it comes to work.

Ngurah Aryawan
Ngurah Aryawan


Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.

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