Ant Breeding

Ant Breeding

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Ant Breeding

Ants are social insects that live in a colony containing up to millions of ants. A small creature is known for its complex hierarchical social structure within the colony. Each member of the colony has different roles and responsibilities in maintaining and ant breeding.

How to Ant Breeding

The stages of the life cycle or life cycle of ants are the same as insects that undergo another complete metamorphosis

  1. Eggs
    The life cycle of an ant starts from the egg stage. A queen ant can lay about 100,000 – 300,000 eggs within a few days.
  2. Larvae
    Ant larvae appear in white, transparent and at first, glance looks like maggots. Ant larvae feed on solid and liquid food provided by worker ants during their lifetime. As a result, they will grow quickly and it only takes a short time between 6 – 12 days for the ant larvae to turn into pupae.
  3. Cocoon
    The pupa is generally white, at first glance looks like an adult ant with legs and antennae that bend to the body and are covered with a white or brownish cocoon. The pupa stage is the third and final developmental stage before the adult ant appears. Similar to the larval stage, the ant pupa also hangs life for the worker ants in providing food intake.
  4. Adult
    Young adult ants are lighter in color with transparent bodies when they emerge. They will however darken in color as they age.

That’s how the life cycle or reproduction of ants. Ants will be a threat if they have formed a very large colony. If the ants have taken control of your surroundings, immediately contact a professional ant exterminator.

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