Ants Impact on Health

Ants Impact on Health

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Ants Impact on Health

Sometimes there is just food left on the dining table, in every house. Be it side dishes or sweet snacks like cakes. If it is not closed tightly, the ants are ready to swarm and devour the remaining food. However, what happens if the ants are accidentally eaten? Of course, this will have ants impact on the ants we have swallowed.

Various of Ants Impact

Here are some of the possible effects when you accidentally eat large amounts of ants:

  1. Stinging Mouth Cavity
    Fire ants can sting the oral cavity and make the area so sick and infected before entering the digestive area.
    Because, fire ants have a sharp sting and can injure the skin of the body, including the oral cavity.
  2. Diarrhea appears
    Both fire ants and house ants can both cause diarrhea. Because, they can come from anywhere, including from dirty places. If you have a sensitive stomach, then the possibility of diarrhea may appear.
  3. Nausea
    In addition to diarrhea, you can also feel nauseous due to digestive system disorders. In addition, ants also have a distinctive aroma that tends to be annoying.

If it is only swallowed 1-2, but if it is swallowed in large quantities then the above can happen. If the ants have taken control of your surroundings, immediately contact a professional ant exterminator.

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