Aspphami: The Association of Pest Control Companies in Indonesia

Aspphami: The Association of Pest Control Companies in Indonesia

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Aspphami (the Association of Pest Control Companies in Indonesia) is an association made up of more than 50 pest control companies from around the country. Established in 2001, Aspphami works to promote and develop the pest control industry in Indonesia and ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism are maintained. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the association, its mission, and how it contributes to the Indonesian pest control industry.

Visi And Mision

Aspphami, Association of Pest Control Companies in Indonesia, is dedicated to promoting and developing pest control best practices across the country. Our vision is to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for all Indonesians by creating a sustainable pest management industry.
We strive to achieve this by upholding the highest ethical and professional standards amongst our members and advocating for improved legislation and regulation that encourages the use of green and non-toxic pest control methods.
We are also committed to providing educational resources and training to pest control professionals in Indonesia to ensure they are aware of and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.
Aspphami Bali is an active member of Aspphami and regularly engages with us to help promote our mission. They have organized workshops, seminars and other events to increase awareness of pest control issues among their members and the general public. We appreciate their commitment to helping us reach our vision.


Association of Indonesian Pest Control Companies
It was founded on February 6, 1973 in Jakarta which was pioneered by Mr. Drs. Darmawan and Mr. Wilman Panggabean under the name of the Indonesian Pest Eradication Entrepreneurs Association, which eventually led to positions on the board. However, in 1979 there was a change to become the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Companies (IPPHAMI), with the appearance of a logo created by Mr. Moertiadadi. Where the purpose of forming the Association of Indonesian Pest Control Companies (IPPHAMI) is:

Gathering and fostering as well as fostering a sense of solidarity with National Companies engaged in Pest Control remembering the participation of members in National Development.
Improving the ability and quality of members in carrying out pest control services with an environmental perspective.
As a forum for association and association of similar companies, IPPHAMI is a non-political professional organization.

Since its formation, IPPHAMI has been actively involved in organizing various seminars and workshops throughout the country. Recently, IPPHAMI has held events such as National Training on Pest Management Systems organized in Bali. For this event, many experts from across Indonesia gathered together to discuss strategies for effective pest management systems. Furthermore, many members of Aspphami Bali have taken part in seminars and workshops throughout Indonesia and have also been invited to participate in international events related to pest management. The exchange of knowledge between experts from all over the world can surely benefit all those involved in pest management systems.

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