5 Easy Ways to Control Pests Naturally

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the key ingredients in many natural cleaning solutions. They add a fresh scent that aids the body in breathing, healing, and calming the nerves while deodorizing a home and getting rid of bugs. Strong smells make bugs scatter, and essential oils offer a potent smell that will have the little critters running away. Keep scents around the home and open in the kitchen cupboard to keep bugs out of the food.

Garlic and Pepper Powder

While you aren’t warding off vampires, sprinkling garlic and pepper powder by the doors is an excellent natural way to ward off almost all insects. I like to add it by the cracks outside the door in a very thin line that is barely visible to the eye.


I love cucumbers, so it doesn’t surprise me that ants detest them. We are enemies, after all. Slice a large one and place the pieces by the cracks and openings to repel the buggers away. You will have to clean them up, but it is a great method to deter bugs that have already made their way inside.

Hot Sauce

Tabasco sauce is one pest control tool that seems to work on almost all insects. Shake up a mixture of your strongest stuff and spray it outside the home around the door. The moment insects get a whiff or taste, they will be looking at your neighbors’ places to stay instead.

Lemon Peels

Moths have a way of finding your favorite winter jacket and destroying it. To keep them away, frequently place lemon peels in the closets. This excellent method serves two purposes; the moths will fly away, and you will be left with a fresh lemon smell.

Once you get the critters on the run, you can develop a preventative plan to keep them out. Many pests enter the home looking for a food source. Make sure you store food off of the floor and keep any crumbs swept up. Have essential oils and lemon peels in the cabinets and pantry. If pests can’t find food, they will look elsewhere. Continually spray natural mixtures around doors and windows throughout the year, and keep the inside of the home clean. It does take work to beat pests, but it can be done without resorting to harsh chemicals.