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Types of Flies

Flies are very common in homes and businesses in tropical countries. There are types of flies that are more common than others. By knowing the appearance of these types of flies, you can determine effective fly prevention and control methods. The following are the types of flies that are common in IndonesiaBecause Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, […]

Rat Breeding Time

Rats are pests that are difficult to control. Rats are mammals of the Muridae tribe and have a high appetite. Rats that can eat everything can easily meet their nutritional needs so that the rat breeding time is very fast. Rats with the age of 1.5-5 months are the time to breed mice. A female rat can conceive 608 times […]

Diseases Spread by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are synonymous with dirty and neglected areas. Although cockroaches do not have poison, this pest has the potential to cause disease problems. Diseases spread by cockroaches are not limited to diarrhea. List of Diseases Spread by CockroachesCockroaches carry various bacteria because they eat anything and stay in dirty areas. If their food is contaminated with bacteria, the bacteria will […]

Cockroach Life Cycle

Cockroaches are one of the annoying pests, out of 4500 species 4 of them are classified as pests. Apart from contaminating food and space. Cockroaches also have the potential to spread various other diseases. Like other insects, the cockroach life cycle also goes through the egg-laying phase. By understanding the cockroach life cycle, you can pay more attention to the […]

Cockroaches Favorite Places

Cockroaches are pests that are always present anywhere and anytime. Regardless of the season, cockroaches can always survive. Therefore, the favorite places for cockroaches can be anywhere. Even though they’re not visible during the day, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. During the day cockroaches tend to hide and breed. Cockroaches are nocturnal animals, whose activities are more often at […]

Types of Cockroaches in Indonesia

You must have often seen cockroaches around you, but did you know that there is not only one type of cockroach?There are 3 types of cockroaches in Indonesia. They are very easy for us to meet at any time, by knowing the types of cockroaches. You will find it easier to solve problems in the future 3 Types of Cockroaches […]

Getting Rid of Flies the Natural Way

Seeing water bags hanging on several places to eat, is not foreign to Indonesians. This is one way to get rid of flies around in a natural way. Because basically flies have 3000-6000 eyes on each right and left side. That way they will be difficult to fly focus. Apart from taking out the trash regularly, there are various ways […]

How Flies Spread Disease

Unlike other insects that attack you directly. Flies are animals that do not bite or attack you directly. The way house flies spread disease indirectly. By their eating habits and the way they reproduce. Flies Eating Habits House flies often feed on decaying organic matter. When house flies feed on food sources that are infected with bacteria, viruses, or parasites, […]

Flies Life Cycle

The life cycle of flies is the same as that of insects in general, going through four 4 stages. Starting from laying eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult flies. A fly generally lays eggs where it hatches into larvae that can immediately forage for food. Usually female flies will choose to lay their eggs in the same place where flies live […]

Prevent Fleas in Dogs

Fleas in dogs are a big problem for dog keepers. Fleas that often infest the body of pets, are very difficult to detect directly. Generally, dog fleas can breed in damp places. To prevent or find out fleas on dogs, it can be seen from their behavior. Those who initially behaved actively became somewhat passive, which was an early sign […]