Termite Treatment Standards SNI 2404:2015 & SNI 2405:2015

Indonesia is an area favored by termites (termites live in tropical lowlands), many houses, buildings, and infrastructure still use wood and woody materials. With the support of these conditions, termite attacks, especially subterranean termites in buildings, are very fast. This causes substantial economic losses for some people. Pest Terminator as a standardized pest control ensures that every work against termites […]

Cold Fog: Smokeless Fogging

In the rainy season like today, mosquitoes breed very much. Fogging is the most effective way to eradicate it, but the residue that fogging produces when used indoors is very large. Starting from the smoke to the smell of fuel, it will be very pungent if you use fogging in general. For this reason, Cold Fog is here to overcome […]

Jasa Anti Rayap di Semarang, Jawa Tengah

Rayap adalah serangga sosial anggota infraordo Isoptera, yang dikenal luas sebagai hama yang mampu memakan perabotan rumah secara berkoloni hingga menyisakan kayu lapuk yang mudah hancur. Maka dari itu rayap dianggap sebagai hama yang sangat merugikan manusia karena mereka bertahan hidup dengan cara memakan seluruh perabotan yang ada di dalam bangunan. Pada saat ini kerugian yang diakibatkan oleh rayap dapat mencapai […]

Mosquito Nests, Know and Control

The rainy season is a time for mosquitoes to breed rapidly. With the rainy season, many areas are the right places for mosquito to nests lay their eggs. However, do you know which area it is? Places That Often Become Mosquito Nests The government is very concerned about diseases caused by mosquitoes, so by cleaning the environment as has been […]

Ant Breeding

Ants are social insects that live in a colony containing up to millions of ants. A small creature is known for its complex hierarchical social structure within the colony. Each member of the colony has different roles and responsibilities in maintaining and ant breeding. How to Ant Breeding The stages of the life cycle or life cycle of ants are […]

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are pests that are always present anywhere and anytime. Regardless of the season, they can always survive. Therefore, the favorite place for cockroaches can be anywhere. In addition to polluting food and space, cockroaches also have the potential to spread various other diseases. Here are some tips that you can do to get rid of cockroaches effectively at home. […]

Types of Flies

Flies are very common in homes and businesses in tropical countries. There are types of flies that are more common than others. By knowing the appearance of these types of flies, you can determine effective fly prevention and control methods. The following are the types of flies that are common in IndonesiaBecause Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, […]

Rat Breeding Time

Rats are pests that are difficult to control. Rats are mammals of the Muridae tribe and have a high appetite. Rats that can eat everything can easily meet their nutritional needs so that the rat breeding time is very fast. Rats with the age of 1.5-5 months are the time to breed mice. A female rat can conceive 608 times […]

Diseases Spread by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are synonymous with dirty and neglected areas. Although cockroaches do not have poison, this pest has the potential to cause disease problems. Diseases spread by cockroaches are not limited to diarrhea. List of Diseases Spread by CockroachesCockroaches carry various bacteria because they eat anything and stay in dirty areas. If their food is contaminated with bacteria, the bacteria will […]

Cockroach Life Cycle

Cockroaches are one of the annoying pests, out of 4500 species 4 of them are classified as pests. Apart from contaminating food and space. Cockroaches also have the potential to spread various other diseases. Like other insects, the cockroach life cycle also goes through the egg-laying phase. By understanding the cockroach life cycle, you can pay more attention to the […]