Ornamental Plants for Mosquito

Ornamental plants in addition to fulfilling their aesthetic function, they have a function in repelling mosquitoes. Many studies have found that certain types of plants contain organic chemical compounds that produce odors or scents that mosquitoes do not like. So that it can be used as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of mosquito repellent, for example Lavender, Lemongrass, Geranium, […]

Bed bugs and their symptoms

Bed bugs or what we often call bedbugs are small insects and are rather difficult to see with the naked eye. These animals usually hide in the folds of mattresses, and will start attacking at night to bite or suck someone’s blood while sleeping. Symptoms and Signs of Bed Bugs A sign of bedbug bites is the appearance of a […]

Prevent the Spread of Rats

See rats in very disturbing areas of the house disturbed. You can prevent the spread of these rats simply at home. There are many ways you can do, starting from closing the access road, disposing of leftover food, and drinks. Rats need easy pathways to easily accessible food sources. How to get rid of mice Here are some tips that […]

Common Types of Rats

The presence of common types of rats in the surrounding environment is nothing new. In metropolitan areas rats are very easy to breed. Therefore rats become a problem that often occurs quickly breed. Rats have the potential to spread various diseases in certain areas quickly. Get to know the types of rats in general that you may encounter often, let’s […]

Diseases Often Carried By Rats

Rats are identical to their habitats which are always dirty, with such habitats it is undeniable that mice “carry” various types of diseases. Diseases that are often carried by rats can develop into serious disorders if not treated properly. The way they spread this disease by biting or scratching, even contamination from rat urine can spread this disease too. 1. […]

Leptospirosis, Cause by Rats

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Leptospira interrogans which is spread through the urine or blood of animals such as mice infected with this bacterium. The disease is spread through contaminated water or soil. This bacterial infection is common in flood-affected areas. Symptom Symptoms of this Leptospirosis disease usually appear after an incubation period of about 10 days, […]

Typhoid Fever, Symptoms Like COVID

Typhoid fever or what we usually know as Typhus is a disease that occurs due to a bacterial infection. Usually these bacteria are spread through contaminated food and drink. This disease can be dangerous if not treated properly and quickly. Causes of Typhoid The main cause of this disease is infection with the bacterium Salmonella Typhi. This disease is easily […]

How Bacteria Spread

There are many ways how bacteria spread, before that first identify what they are. Bacteria are single-celled organisms, one of the most populous forms of life on Earth. These microorganisms are everywhere, such as in soil, water, air, to the body of every human being and animal. Touch The most common way bacteria spread is through touch, there are about […]

Prevent Mosquito Naturally

Prevent mosquitoes is identical to the use of drugs such as Abate, as well as by fogging. In addition to this method, you can try to do habits and natural ingredients such as the following. 3M Gerakan Movement Yes, this habit, which is often abbreviated as 3M, plays an important role in preventing the spread of mosquitoes. By draining stagnant […]

High Body Temperature? Beware of Malaria

High body temperature in recent days? maybe it’s a symptom of malaria. Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite that is spread through mosquito bites and can be deadly if not treated properly. However, malaria is rarely found to be spread by touch from one person to another. Causes of Malaria Humans can get malaria after being bitten by […]