Pest Control Canggu Bali

We hereby present to you an Integrated Pest Management program In Bali Island , using a combination of monitoring and treatment protocols to manage the pests to a tolerable level. the pest management strategy would be to monitor continuously the pest levels to ensure that they are within acceptable levels. Pesticide applications will be localised treatment types within the resort […]

Preventif Covid-19

Hi Our guy i hope is well and yoyr Family , my friend Liang from china tell. The corona virus now spreads very quickly, I want to share some experience in how to prevent the virus:1. The corona virus is infected by breath,so must wear a mask when you are in outdoor,and must throw the mask away when you come […]


Room Disinfectant  Clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of SANI SYSTEM for professional sanitisation Polti Sani System has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests and clinical studies, both in Italy and abroad, confirming the safe use and effectiveness of Sani System in the reduction of the microbial load. The Polti Sani System sanitising method should be used whenever and wherever microbiological contamination has to be […]

How To Search And Destroy The Bedbugs In Your Home

  A few years ago, before the recession, at a time I’m somewhat nostalgic for now, I remembered hearing about NYC’s bedbug problem and laughing. “You mean, like the saying, ‘sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite’?” I’d say. I had only heard of them in historic fiction. To me, they might as well have been monsters in fairy […]

5 Easy Ways to Control Pests Naturally

  I have a confession to make: I hate bugs. They give me the goosebumps and shudders like everyone else, but they also make me crazy. I don’t necessarily scream when I see a spider dropping from the ceiling or cry at the sight of ants marching across my floor, but I do start performing karate moves that I have […]

Termite Specialist in Bali

Termite control bali What do we do against termites? We inspect your property to define if we are actually dealing with termites and what kind of termites.In Bali, the most common species are subterranean termites .We make an extermination plan that consists of at least one of the following methods : Termite Baiting System Chemical  Barrier system method- Treatment for […]

Organised school campaign

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Snake Control

Snakes are reptiles like turtles and lizards. They routinely shed their dry, scaly skin and cannot generate body heat. Snakes have a long body that allows them to crawl, climb and slip into small spaces. Although snakes have no ears, they can feel low frequency vibrations. Snakes are carnivorous and their prey includes insects, fish, birds, eggs and rodents. Snakes […]

Bedbugs steam 180*

New inovation for Bedbugs extertermination And prevention Using a bed bug steamer to kill bed bugs and get rid of bed bugs in your home is environmentally safe and highly effective. Bed bugs cannot tolerate heat above 180 degrees, and a bed bug steamer will kill bed bugs on contact. Even better, steam can penetrate into hard to reach areas […]