Causes of Dog Fleas

Causes of Dog Fleas

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Causes of Dog Fleas
Causes of Dog Fleas

For animal lovers, the presence of fleas is very annoying. The saliva produced by fleas can cause itching in your pet. Did you know that one female louse can produce up to 5-7 eggs per day. The causes of the appearance of these dog fleas vary, from grass to even yourself. Here for more details

  1. Yard Grass
    Fleas on dogs are very easy to move, don’t be surprised if you are often confused about the problem of fleas. Even if your dog doesn’t have fleas before, it could be that these fleas are present from grass that other dogs have visited before.
  2. Grooming Place
    The vet care, kennel, or dog daycare you visit. Although they strictly monitor the spread of fleas, this place is still a potential place for lice to spread.
  3. Guest
    As social beings, we cannot avoid visiting people. When someone visits could bring fleas. Especially if they also have a pet dog. However, this often happens unintentionally.
  4. Yourself
    It’s a shame, you can be a carrier of these lice. Just like other people, you can accidentally bring dog fleas when traveling somewhere

The problem of dog fleas is still polemic, because there are so many factors that can be a factor in causes of dog fleas. In addition to persistence in eradicating them, you must be diligent in checking to prevent them from growing more. In addition to routine dog care, you can get rid of dog fleas by treating dog fleas.

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