Cockroaches breed rapidly and are resilient to many first line attempts to gain control. For this reason, many homeowners and businesses seek the services of a professional pest control company. Pest Terminator  targets the cockroach life cycle which has long term benefits. We guarantee our services and provide expert advice to maintain long term control by eliminating common harbourage sites. Pest Terminator  technicians are licensed to treat cockroach infestations in your home or place of business.

Pest Terminator undertakes a comprehensive site inspection. We use environmentally safe solutions and effectively get rid of cockroaches. We protect you from harmful disease transmission (for e.g. salmonella), offensive odours and allergens likely to trigger skin conditions and asthma attacks.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Initiate pest infestation inspection from Pest Terminator
  • Residual chemical spraying on affected areas and perimeter of landscape, or gel baiting for unsuitable places
  • For residential areas such as house   monthly fogging of rubbish bin chute or flushing of man hole will be proposed
  • Internally for home, laying of glue boards will be implemented
  • Flushing out service such as Ulv  Misting can be used for heavily infested areas
  • Sanitation methodology is recommended to prevent future invasion of such pests
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