Cold Fog: Smokeless Fogging

Cold Fog: Smokeless Fogging

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Cold Fog: Smokeless Fogging

In the rainy season like today, mosquitoes breed very much. Fogging is the most effective way to eradicate it, but the residue that fogging produces when used indoors is very large. Starting from the smoke to the smell of fuel, it will be very pungent if you use fogging in general. For this reason, Cold Fog is here to overcome the problems caused by fogging machines in general.

Cold fog or what we call Ultra-low Volume(ULV) foggers work by compressing pesticides or disinfectants through a specially designed nozzle, producing a fine cool mist or aerosol.

Pros and Cons of Cold Fog
Apart from being a means to eradicate pests, ULV can also be used to eradicate viruses by producing small particles measuring 5 microns. There are some advantages and disadvantages


  1. No Traffic Hazard
    ULV produces a mist that is not even visible, so it will not pose a hazard on the road and is perfect for application to large, densely populated cities as well as indoors.
  2. No Noise
    In addition, the ULV Fogger does not make a loud noise so it does not cause noise or noise pollution.


  1. Slower
    If you use ULV Fogger, then you need quite a lot of time to apply it evenly.
  2. Practically Invisible Fog
    One of the advantages of the ULV Fogger is that the fog is somewhat less visible. However, the invisible fog also has drawbacks, such as the difficulty of monitoring and controlling the direction of the fog because it is invisible.

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