Common Types of Rats

Common Types of Rats

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Common Types of Rats
Common Types of Rats

The presence of common types of rats in the surrounding environment is nothing new. In metropolitan areas rats are very easy to breed. Therefore rats become a problem that often occurs quickly breed. Rats have the potential to spread various diseases in certain areas quickly. Get to know the types of rats in general that you may encounter often, let’s go!

  1. Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
    Norwegian or Norwegian rats are often referred to as sewer rats. Is a common types of rats that often lives underground and sewer areas. They have small ears and big black eyes that stand out. With a length of up to 16 inches this rat can give birth to 20 children for 1 female.
  2. House Rat (Rattus rattus)
    House rats are characterized by round ears, short snouts, and long tails. Their color ranges from light brown to dark brown. In contrast to the sewer/norway rat, this type of rat can give birth to 5-7 children for 1 female and can give birth 6-10 times each year.
  3. Mice (Mus Musculus)
    Mice are very easy to find in homes and very easy to adapt. This makes this type of mouse the second largest population after humans. By having the characteristics of a tail length that is the same as the length of the body and has a contrasting color. Making these mice easy to camouflage in urban and forest areas.

With the various problems rats present, it is very important for us to control their spread. All common types of rats has a diffrent ways to control, must be carried out appropriately and professionally to prevent further spread.

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