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Polti sani system disinfectant

Clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of SANI SYSTEM for professional sanitisation

Polti Sani System has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests and clinical studies, both in Italy and abroad, confirming the safe use and effectiveness of Sani System in the reduction of the microbial load.

The Polti Sani System sanitising method should be used whenever and wherever microbiological contamination has to be kept under control and reduced to the lowest possible safety levels such as healthcare environments, industries, transportation systems, hotels, food companies and public places in general.

Results have shown that it is possible to obtain better results with this innovative sanitising method than with traditional methods.

Evalwation Of actifity on Mrsa


Cantonal Institute of Microbiology, Bellinzona, Switzerland
The bactericidal activity of Polti Sani System in respect of two strains of Methycillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) has been analysed on different kinds of surfaces.
The use of Polti Sani System for 30 seconds has proved to be effective in sanitising different materials such as stainless steel and melamine table tops, with a reduction of the bacterial load by 4 logarithms, while on ceramic surfaces, a bacterial residue was found for the most resistant strain of MRSA.

Dermatological evaluation study

Chelab Laboratory, Treviso, Italy
The results obtained with patch tests used for examining the skin compatibility in healthy volunteers showed that the HPMed solution, applied in non-occlusive conditions to the healthy skin of 20 volunteers caused an average irritation index of nil and did not therefore result as classified according to the GHS (Globally Harmonised System).

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