Getting Rid of Flies the Natural Way

Getting Rid of Flies the Natural Way

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Getting Rid of Flies the Natural Way

Seeing water bags hanging on several places to eat, is not foreign to Indonesians. This is one way to get rid of flies around in a natural way. Because basically flies have 3000-6000 eyes on each right and left side. That way they will be difficult to fly focus.

Apart from taking out the trash regularly, there are various ways to get rid of flies. One of them is candlelight, because flies don’t like smoky areas and scents. Getting rid of flies can also be done naturally with the following.

  1. Lemon and Clove
    The combination of these two ingredients produces an odor that flies don’t like. Because of the pungent smell.
  2. Lavender Flowers
    Lavender is known as a flower with a distinctive fragrance and color, and has a myriad of benefits. Lavender in the room can not only beautify the house but also repel flies.
  3. Pandan Leaves
    The characteristic natural aroma of pandan leaves is very disliked by flies. You simply slice a pandan leaf and place it around.
  4. Essential Oils
    This essential oil is used to repel flies by making a fly repellent spray. Just fill a spray bottle with water and add essential oil to taste. Spray in the kitchen and around doors to keep flies in and out.

Those are some ways you can do to repel or rid flies in a natural way. If you feel that the flies are out of control, immediately contact a professional fly exterminator to prevent the spread of the disease.

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