How Bacteria Spread

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How Bacteria Spread?

Let’s learn together from the explanation below


The most common way bacteria spread is through touch, there are about 5,000 bacteria on our hands. Therefore, touch is a very good medium of dissemination for them.


The air that looks cool is not spared from the spread of its. Airborne particles containing bacteria and viruses can be inhaled by other people and infect their bodies so that they catch the coughs and colds that you have.

Other Ways Bacteria Spread

In addition to the two ways above, there are still various ways how they can spread, such as the following:

  1. Contaminated food
  2. Drinking or polluted water.
  3. Sexual intercourse.
  4. Contact with animals.
  5. The movement of bacteria from one part of the body, which is the real habitat, to another part.

You can prevent it from spreading by using a disinfectant.

How to Avoid Bacterial Infections

Easy ways to avoid bacterial infections are to get vaccinated, maintain hygiene, live a healthy lifestyle, and spray insect repellent. Here are four ways to avoid bacterial infections, including:

1. Receiving Vaccines

There are several types of vaccines that can be used to ward off bacterial infections from entering the body. Starting from tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, meningitis, and penumonia vaccines. Vaccines can be an alternative preventive effort to avoid attacks of bacterial infections.

2. Maintain Hygiene

Start learning to be sensitive to the cleanliness of your body and surroundings, especially the house where you live. Start by washing your hands before eating, using clean and dry clothes, and avoid sharing personal equipment with others. If there is a wound, clean the scar with running water to prevent bacteria from entering.

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