How Flies Spread Disease

How Flies Spread Disease

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How Flies Spread Disease
How Flies Spread Disease

Unlike other insects that attack you directly. Flies are animals that do not bite or attack you directly. The way house flies spread disease indirectly. By their eating habits and the way they reproduce.

Flies Eating Habits

House flies often feed on decaying organic matter. When house flies feed on food sources that are infected with bacteria, viruses, or parasites, they accumulate the pathogen in their esophagus or digestive system. When house flies have to consume solid food, they will regurgitate a liquid consisting of saliva and digestive juices.

It is because of the eating habits of house flies that every microorganism that lives in their esophagus can be easily transmitted to the items they eat.

Spread While Breeding

Because the place where flies live is very dirty. flies can pick up particles containing bacteria and pathogens through the tiny hairs on their feet and bodies where they breed. So. when they perch are eaten it is not surprising that they will spread disease.

That’s how flies can spread disease to us. Therefore, eradicating flies can be an effective way to prevent disease in your loved ones.

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