Leptospirosis, Cause by Rats

Leptospirosis, Cause by Rats

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Leptospirosis Disease
Leptospirosis Disease

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Leptospira interrogans which is spread through the urine or blood of animals such as mice infected with this bacterium. The disease is spread through contaminated water or soil. This bacterial infection is common in flood-affected areas.


Symptoms of this Leptospirosis disease usually appear after an incubation period of about 10 days, with characteristics such as:

  1. High fever to chills.
  2. Headache.
  3. Muscle pain, especially in the calf area.
  4. Sore throat accompanied by dry cough.
  5. Red eyes and yellowing of the skin.
  6. Nausea to vomiting and accompanied by diarrhea.


Bacteria can enter the body through broken skin, watery skin, mucous membranes (the thin, moist lining of many parts of the body, such as the nose, mouth, throat, and genitals) or by ingesting or inhaling contaminated water. Person-to-person transmission does not occur.

You can prevent the spread of this disease by carrying out pest control at your residence or office to prevent the spread. To maximize it, you can add a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria that have spread

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