Methods of Transmission of DHF

Methods of Transmission of DHF

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Methods of Transmission of DHF

Indonesia has entered the rainy season, time this heavy rain has flushed several areas. With so many areas of puddles that will occur. Plus the problem of waste has not been resolved until now. Become an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed, so attacks from mosquitoes are more ferocious. There are several methods of transmission of DHF that are still being discussed.

In the early phase of DHF, the symptoms and signs are non-specific. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant if some symptoms and signs point to dengue fever. Some of the symptoms of dengue fever include the appearance of red spots or skin rashes, sudden high fever lasting all day (usually 39ยบ C), feeling weak and lethargic, cold sweaty hands and feet, headache, back pain, and nausea and vomiting.

How are other methods of transmission of DHF?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 3 ways of transmitting dengue mosquitoes, here are 3 ways:

  1. Transmission from Mosquitoes to Humans
    This is the most common way of spreading the dengue virus, which is transmitted by infected female mosquitoes. After infecting, the virus will multiply and spread in various tissues of the mosquito’s body, including the salivary glands.
  2. Transmission from Human to Mosquito
    This mode of transmission seems very hard to believe, but this transmission can come from someone who has symptoms of dengue infection, someone who does not yet have symptoms of infection (pre-symptomatic), but also people who do not show signs of disease (they are asymptomatic).
  3. Transmission from Human to Human (Mother to Child)
    The main way is through humans with mosquitoes, but there is evidence of possible mother (pregnant mother to baby) transmission. While transmission rates appear low, the risk of vertical transmission appears to be related to the timing of dengue infection during pregnancy. When a mother has a dengue infection while she is pregnant, the baby may suffer from premature birth, low birth weight, and fetal distress.

After we know how dengue is transmitted, we hope that we will be more aware of the spread of mosquitoes. If it feels like mosquitoes have spread widely, you can use fogging services to eradicate them.

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