Mosquito Nests, Know and Control

Mosquito Nests, Know and Control

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Mosquito Nests, Know and Control

The rainy season is a time for mosquitoes to breed rapidly. With the rainy season, many areas are the right places for mosquito to nests lay their eggs. However, do you know which area it is?

Places That Often Become Mosquito Nests

The government is very concerned about diseases caused by mosquitoes, so by cleaning the environment as has been socialized. Know some places that often become nests

  1. Dispenser
    You all must be aware if there is always a hole in the dispenser right below where you put the glass. The container serves as a reservoir for water droplets and water splashes. In these containers, we often encounter mosquito larvae. So clean your dispenser container regularly.
  2. Flower Vase
    Flowers are often a sweet ornament in every home. Flowers can be applied to various types of home models from modern to traditional though. To keep flowers beautiful, we use flower vases to support them. But, did you know those flower vases are often a place for mosquitoes? This happens because we rarely change the water in the vase.
  3. Pet Drinking Container
    Pets really need something to drink as we do. Don’t forget to check their drinking water container, because that place can be used as a place for mosquito larvae.

After we know where are the places that can become mosquito nests. We can be more vigilant in monitoring and controlling the spread of mosquitoes around us. If you have a problem with mosquitoes and it can’t be solved, then the solution is Pest Terminator. Pest Terminator is a pest control service to eradicate mosquitoes and other nuisance insects such as cockroaches, termites, ants, etc. You can contact him by phone at 0800-1401955 (toll-free) or via SMS/Whatsapp at +62811-3980-066.

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