Mosquito Pest Control Bali

What do we against mosquitos?

Pest Control Service Bali

We investigate your property to see where and what kind of mosquito is on your property

Depending on the place where the mosquitos are located and your requests we fumigate, mist blow, use lavacide or fog your property.

We can make a return visit to inspect if all the mosquitos are gone

Why do you have mosquitos?

A common myth about mosquitoes is that because we live in a tropical climate, they are impossible to eradicate. This is FALSE. With proper pest management, it is possible to maintain a mosquito-free construction site (regardless of size), which ensures that your workers stay safe, and your deadlines met. The next time you hesitate to call a Pest Management Professional, think about what lurks in your construction site, and the damage it could potentially cause.

We understand that constructing any project, be it from a private property to a full scale mega shopping mall requires the same amount of precision, planning and execution, adhering to a strict schedule. As a result, any unexpected delays or unforeseen circumstances costs time, money, and more importantly, endless frustrations and sleepless nights.

Mosquito danger

Human error is something that can and should be eliminated. What about diseases and pests? The most common pest found in construction sites is the mosquito (also statistically proven to be the deadliest creature in the world). A single case of dengue is able to spread very fast if left unchecked. Your entire workforce can crumble in a matter of days.

Explanation of our treatment methods


In the world of Mosquito Control, Laviciding (with the use of Abate Lavicide) is one of the most efficient ways of providing a safe environment. The premise is simple: destroy the enemy while it is at its weakest state (young defenseless lavae), thus eliminating the entire population overtime. Understanding the enemy’s lifecycle and habitat, we are able to attack them at the right place, at the right time, with deadly precision.

Mist Blowing

A much better and eco-friendly alternative to fogging is Mist Blowing.

Essentially, mist blowing is the dispensing of a thin mist of environmentally friendly chemicals across a large space and the tiny droplets of chemicals adhere very well to vegetation. Another plus point to the chemical that is used is that it is very hardy, and will not break down easily in extreme weather conditions.