Ornamental Plants for Mosquito

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Ornamental Plants for Repell Mosquito
Ornamental Plants for Repell Mosquito

Ornamental plants in addition to fulfilling their aesthetic function, they have a function in repelling mosquitoes. Many studies have found that certain types of plants contain organic chemical compounds that produce odors or scents that mosquitoes do not like. So that it can be used as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of mosquito repellent, for example Lavender, Lemongrass, Geranium, etc. The use of mosquito repellent plants can be applied in the simplest way, namely by planting them in pots and placing them outside or indoors where we do our daily activities.

Some mosquito repellent ornamental plants:

  1. Lemongrass is a plant with the Andropogon family with the species name Andropogon nardus L. Lemongrass is a perennial herbaceous plant and has very deep and strong roots. This plant is often used as a natural ingredient in mosquito repelling, lemongrass has a distinctive aroma that is fresh and pleasant for humans but is not liked by mosquitoes.
  2. Lavender Lavender flower appearance is very attractive. Small purple flowers and lavender flowers are fragrant and calming. This plant is very well known as an effective mosquito repellent and is often used as a commercial mosquito repellent mixture.
  3. Zodia (Evodia suaveolens) Zodia plant belongs to the family Rutaceae and is a native Indonesian plant originating from Papua. They are used to rubbing their skin with certain leaves before entering the forest to avoid insects, especially mosquitoes. Zodia will give off a scent when the leaves rub against each other.
  4. Rosemary as a hard stem plant, the shape of the rosemary plant is no different from other similar plants. The only advantage lies in the very stinging flowers. The color of the leaves is dark green and the shape of the leaves is tapered. This pungent smell is what people are looking for because the smell that can be smelled when this plant is smelled when the plant is blown by the wind can actually repel mosquitoes.

By planting one of these plants, you can prevent mosquitoes from bothering you. In celebrating World Mosquito Day, prevent the spread of deadly mosquitoes in the area around you. Either through simple methods such as planting plants or fogging the environment around you.

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