Pests on Dogs

Pests on Dogs

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Pests on Dogs
Pests on Dogs

For animal lovers, the cleanliness and happiness of animals is the main thing. But did you know that there’s not only one targeting or disturbing your pet’s happiness. Lots of people are after them, from pests on dogs to viruses/bacteria.

This time we will discuss pests in dogs that you may often encounter. If the animal has been infected with the following pests they will feel itching, decreased appetite, and lack of enthusiasm. Even in more serious conditions, they can cause infection to your pet. Therefore, we must know

Types of Pests in Dogs

In general, pests like other animals, dogs do not escape the attack of fleas. Even the lice that attack them are not only limited to one type, here are the types:

  1. Flea
    Flea or what is known as cat fleas. This is because these fleas often infect cats. With the characteristics of a small size, rounded and flat. In general they have a reddish black color and move very quickly.
  2. Tick
    Pests that often spread on the dog’s fur. Almost all dogs in Indonesia are infected with this tick. They can cause infection in your pet.
  3. Lice
    His name is very rarely heard, but this pest is very small and eats the skin tissue of your pet. And can develop in your dog’s body.

Those are some types of pests in dog that we often encounter, especially in Indonesia. Knowing the type that infects your pet will make it easier to handle it. If you need professional pest control services to eradicate dog fleas. You can get in touch via the following contacts.

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