Prevent Termites Naturally

Prevent Termites Naturally

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Prevent Termites Naturally
Prevent Termites Naturally

Termites or termites are social insects belonging to the infraorder Isoptera. Termites live and eat wood, from furniture to house frames. So, a lot of the impact of economic losses that are often felt. Eradicating termites with chemical drugs is the last resort if the termites have become malignant. But you can do it naturally to prevent termites!

Ways to Prevent Termites :

  1. Air Vent
    Don’t be stingy with air vents, termites really like damp places and minimal sunlight. Adequate ventilation in addition to making the air not humid, the incoming light will also increase. That way, your wooden furniture will not be attacked by termites
  2. Cleaning Puddles
    In addition to being the main source of breeding mosquitoes, standing water is also a place for termites to breed. We highly recommend this method of eradicating termites regularly during the rainy season.
  3. Repairing a Leaking Pipe
    Leaking pipes are certainly a scourge, so your water bill will increase. In addition, a leak in this pipe makes your home more humid. So don’t be surprised if termites are lured into the house.
  4. Closing Cracks
    Cracks in the house make it easier for moist air to enter the room. In addition, cracks are also easy to access for termites to enter the room. You can close the cracks easily using white cement that you can easily get.
  5. Avoiding Ground Contact
    For those of you who use a lot of accents or wood themes at home. To always pay attention to the distance between the wood and the ground, this method is useful for preventing termites that usually enter the room. Try to use wood that is treated well, so that moisture does not easily collect on the wood.
  6. Drying the Furniture
    Wooden furniture is the main target of termites. The main way to prevent termites from eating wood is to keep the wood moist. By drying the wood, the moisture in the wood will decrease because the wood will be drier. Do not forget to apply varnish so that moisture does not easily enter the wood.

In the following ways, you can prevent them from invading furniture in your home. These methods are very effective if you do them before the termites invade. If you feel that there are too many termites, you can use the services of a termite exterminator to eradicate them thoroughly.

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