Preventif Covid-19

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Hi Our guy i hope is well and yoyr Family , my friend Liang from china tell. The corona virus now spreads very quickly, I want to share some experience in how to prevent the virus:
1. The corona virus is infected by breath,so must wear a mask when you are in outdoor,and must throw the mask away when you come back home/office, because the mask is dirty already,dont bring the virus into your house.
2. Must oftern wash your hands, wash your coats after you come home,even your shoes,the corona virus might be hidden in them.
3. You need to have an ultraviolet lighting with ozonic function,to kill virus and bugs which are hidden in your house/air/cloths.
4. You need to wash your floor with disinfecting effervescent tablets.
5. Eat more lemon,orange for vitamin C, keep your house fresh air.
6. You need to have a clinical thermometer to check your body temperature.If you find your temperature high must go to see a doctor at once.
7. Very very important, DO NOT go to the crowds or meeting or parties ,dont take bus/metro, the best is to stay home mostly.
Those are what we do during the last 2 months,now the corona virus is under controlled well in China,and the situation getting better.So I hope to share these experience to more people,and please also share these information to your family,your colleague and your friends.Take care everyone.

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