Rat Breeding Time

Rat Breeding Time

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Rat Breeding Time

Rats are pests that are difficult to control. Rats are mammals of the Muridae tribe and have a high appetite. Rats that can eat everything can easily meet their nutritional needs so that the rat breeding time is very fast.

Rats with the age of 1.5-5 months are the time to breed mice. A female rat can conceive 608 times a year with a short gestation period of 21-24 days. Even in a short gestation period, mice can give birth to 5-10 rats.

The weaning period is the time when the baby mice will be breastfed by the mother until they are four weeks old. After passing through the weaning period, they will enter adulthood. Where male rats will always be ready to mate regardless of the season.

Rats will try every means and opportunity available to access food sources and breed. If the condition of the rat cannot be handled, you can use the services of a professional rat exterminator.

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