Rats Control Bali

rats-rodents-baliRats and their fleas are the principal vectors for bubonic plague, which caused millions of deaths in Europe in the past but most recently in China. They also cause Hantavirus infection, Murine typhus, Leptospirosis, Salmonella poisoning, meningitis and rat-bite fever.




Inspection is the first step in our pest management programmed. We will definitely conduct a through survey of the premises and surrounding grounds to identify the type of rodent before any control method is implemented.

Treatment: Several methods may be used simultaneous such as chemical or non chemical method, e.g. rodent baits, tracking powder, glue boards, rat traps, cages, etc.


Sanitation: Often pest problems arise as a result of poor sanitation. Sometimes crucial areas are overlooked due to lack of knowledge of pest. We will identify areas and inform our client of appropriameasures to be taken.



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