Termite Control Ubud Bali

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Termite Control Bali

Explanation of our treatment methods

Termite Baiting System (TBS)

This method is using the method of feeding.  We can place two kinds of feeding stations; a station above or a station into the ground. The stations above the ground are installed directly on the building that was attacked. (Only installed if there is already an active termite attack.)

The Bait stations that are planted into the ground around the building every ± 5-8 m. Wood bait stations containing bait to lure the termites who are looking for food.

We check the in-ground station every 2 weeks. If we find any active termites feed on wood, the wood bait is replaced with new bait. Monitoring is also done on above-ground station to ascertain whether the bait has been consumed and the amount of feed is sufficient until the next monitoring. At the time of monitoring, also conducted inspections on the area around the station and other critical areas to determine the existence of a new termite infestations. The whole colony is usually exterminated in 3-6 months.

The advantage of this TBS method is;

Termite Baiting System will not interfere with or alter the structure of an occupied building. With this system does not need to do the drilling on the interior or exterior

Termite Baiting System is not only fortify the buildings from termite attack, but to destroy the termite colony

Can provide protection from termite attack as long as possible

This system is very suitable for highrise building

Chemical Barrier System Method

Is a technical treatment by a hi-pressure injection of termiticide concentrate into the soil that is directly related to the building with the purpose of protecting the building structure and contents of the termites attack the soil/ wood.

Treatment for Soil

Drilling (5 mm) on the left and right sides of the foundation (the walls) with a distance of 10-15 cm from the edge of the wall and the distance between holes 50 cm (or follow the seam of a floor) with a depth of 20 cm (up to penetrate the soil). We inject the hole with termiticide solution by using high pressure sprayer machine tools. After the treatment we close the holes properly.

Treatment for Wooden Ceilings

Spraying anti-termites for subterranean termites infected area or suspected area.

Warranty and regular inspection

We provide a 3 year warranty, which means one  times a year inspection use termite detector from our professional service staff. Service calls for suspected termite infestations in treated areas and if termites are found in or on the covered structure of the treated areas. The warranty will be void if renovation or construction work will be done after the anti-termite treatment.

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