Termite Control Bali

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Termite Protection Bali

Pest Terminator the Termite Control to protect your home,
giving you peace of mind.

Termatrac Termite detector bali


Pest Terminator  is here to protect your home,
giving you peace of mind.

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Termites are small insects that can damage organic materials such as wood and soil. They live in large colonies and can eat wood continuously. The losses caused by termites are huge, especially if not treated immediately that’s why need Termite Control.

One of the main losses caused by termites is damage to buildings. Termites can damage the wooden structures that form part of a building, such as roofs, walls and floors. This can cause serious and even dangerous damage if not addressed immediately.

We eliminate termites (white ants/subterranean Termites ), with corrective soil treatment (baiting or drilling system) or soil treatment for pre-construction work. We also provide services like fogging of mosquitoes, spraying of cockroach, ants, flies, baiting of rats/ rodents and flies.

We possess the licenses for operating pest control under the Pesticide Board of Indonesia , and we are a member registered under the Asosiasi Perusahaan pengendalian hama  Indonesia.

For further information and consultation, please contact us at the following number Customer Care – 081236136666 and get a free survey from us.

Protect your home now before it gets worse because of termites

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