The Negative Impact of Termites

The Negative Impact of Termites

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The Negative Impact of Termites
The Negative Impact of Termites

Termites are pests that are always hungry, even though their bodies are relatively small. However, they can devour anything for 24 hours non-stop. They like to live in humid areas and are not exposed to sunlight. Their main food is wood, but they may eat your valuable documents and clothes. The following are the negative impact of termites that often occur in your home.

  1. Damage the Foundation of the House
    Not a few houses still use wood as a foundation, such as Rumah Gadang. This typical house from Minangkabau uses wood as its foundation. Termites will eat foundation wood which can change the structure of your house.
  2. Threatening Safety
    With the foundation of a house that has been shaken by termites. This has an impact on the resilience of the entire house. The number of holes and the loss of the foundation can be a sign that termites are there. That way the safety threat will be very fatal.
  3. Breaking Furniture
    In addition to your foundation, the negative impact of termites is to damage your furniture. Wooden furniture is the main target for termites, coupled with humid conditions. This will be the main food for them.
  4. Damaging Valuable Documents
    Most of our important documents are still in paper form. With a placement that is rarely exposed to sunlight, this will make the document more humid. Conditions like this are what lure termites to attack your documents.

Those are some of the things that termites often cause. Therefore, termite handling is very important to prevent all the losses above. You can prevent using natural methods or use the services of a professional termite exterminator.

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