Types of Flies

Types of Flies

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Types of Flies

Flies are very common in homes and businesses in tropical countries. There are types of flies that are more common than others. By knowing the appearance of these types of flies, you can determine effective fly prevention and control methods.

The following are the types of flies that are common in Indonesia
Because Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, it is undeniable that there are many species of flies.

  1. Housefly (Musca domestica)
    House flies are the main carriers of various kinds of dangerous diseases for humans. With a gray chest cavity with 4 narrow lines, and a yellow abdomen.
  2. Green Flies (Calliphora vomitoria)
    Green flies are flies that are often seen flying around trash cans, pet droppings, and dead animals. Adult green flies are between 1/4″ – 1/12″ long and are metallic blue.
  3. Sand Flies (Spiriverpa Lunulata)
    Sandflies can be found from April to September. They live on sandy riverbanks that are open and free from shady trees. Its body is pale gray and has reddish-brown eyes.
  4. Fruit Flies (Drosophila species)
    Usually found flying above ripe fruit or hovering around the remains of fermentation. With characteristics of brownish-yellow or mottled. Also, the eyes are bright red.
  5. Waste Flies (Psychodidae)
    Often referred to as moths, they are often found in landfills or waste areas. Has a characteristic dark body color like gray. Also, the shape of the wings is dense like a tent when perched
  6. Flesh Flies (Sarcophagidae)
    Always put the larvae on rotting or spoiled meat. and they can breed on animal carcasses. The characteristics of the chest cavity are light gray and have 3 dark longitudinal stripes. Also, the belly is light gray with black spots
  7. Horse Flies (Family Tabanidae)
    Is a special pest that exists in livestock. Continuous bites from female flies can cause weight loss in some animals. Has characteristics of black to dark brown and green eyes.

Those are some types of flies that we can find in tropical countries like Indonesia. If the presence of flies is getting annoying. Immediately contact the nearest fly extermination service.

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